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Arquitectura y Resistencia

Arquitectura y Resistencia
nicolas_combarro_coverNicolás Combarro
Cabeza de Chorlito


115 pages
220×220 mm
ISBN: Not available


Architecture can be considered any form of construction, alteration of the landscape, by the hand of man. Our architectural heritage is an essential part of our identity. Architecture resistance refers to a form of spontaneous construction where the structural logic is mixed with cultural heritage. A free architecture to represent in itself a form of resistance to economic, social or political constraint. also relates to traditional or vernacular buildings that resist standing despite being overlooked or even reviled.

Combarro’s work is based on research into the process of transforming built space. By reflecting on and interacting with the constructions and the materials in the environment he is working on through photography, drawing or sculpture, he searches for the essence of the form, playing with its inorganic nature towards an organic reinterpretation.

Cabeza de Chorlito is a Spanish publisher, created by Frédérique Bangerter and Alberto Garcia-Alix.