Arquitectura Oculta

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Arquitectura Oculta Arquitectura-Oculta_cover
Nicolás Combarro
Cabeza de Chorlito


164 pages
230×230 mm
ISBN: Not available


Interventions in the space of Nicholas Combarro offer a new perception of urban architecture, sometimes those common corners forgotten by their citizens. Nicholas Combarro.Architecture puts out all those hidden spaces in inert appearance that the artist gets through photography and intervention in the environment. This is a documentation work supported by theoretical texts that reflect about his work creating new methods of approach to the city. Relying on a clean, harmonious design, this picture stands out from the other elements that are configured simply establishing a dialogue between the model and the artistic style of the work of Combarro. The color and clarity of the photographs contrasts with the focus on the black of the graph, where both the texts and the titles and publishing portadillas up a minimalist and white.

Combarro’s work is based on research into the process of transforming built space. By reflecting on and interacting with the constructions and the materials in the environment he is working on through photography, drawing or sculpture, he searches for the essence of the form, playing with its inorganic nature towards an organic reinterpretation.

Cabeza de Chorlito is a Spanish publisher, created by Frédérique Bangerter and Alberto Garcia-Alix.