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Youngdon Jung
Korean and English


64 pages
235 x 18 mm.
ISBN: 978899402754893660


The rhythm made by all different human beings in the same space. This is the scenery which we can see from the top of a high-rise apartment. Every person seen form their own movement, within their own clothes and steps. Jung caught particular patterns from it. There are images of gathering and scattering of diverse crowds, alongside detailed images of concentration and dispersion of people from their own bodies. These images show people’s lives and the direction of their bodies. However, like soil which scatters away when it becomes dry, the movements of people are also hard to use to define a clear outline.

The image which disappears from our sight as soon as we take it, is crumpled like a clod of dirt in our hands. If the particles of the frame, or the photo disappear,  a lot of these images would be scattered in all directions. Then where can the particle go and what rhythm of image can it make?


About the Artist:
Youngdon Jung was born in Seoul, Korea. He graduated from Chung-Ang University. He is interested in connecting people and places, understanding diverse cultures and exploring nature while further interpreting our daily lives. He focuses on the unified pattern which is usually seen in the daily life. He gives attention to the phenomenon that each individual is standardised in the society. To present these ideas, Jung usually uses photography to deal with questions of time and space.

Since his first exhibition Evocation; Ventilation at the Total Museum For Contemporary Art – Project Space the Room, Jung has participated in several international group exhibitions and projects such as Against Photography (2015, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea), and Inner Color (2014, Laznia Contemporary Art Center, Poland). In addition, Jung was part of the collective Moojin Brothers focusing on media art works. In this group, Jung usually takes the role as cinematographer, but has also had the experience to explore other mediums.

Youngdon Jung has also shown media art works at European Media Art Festival (2016, Osnabrück, Germany), 16th International Cine A La Calle Short Film Festival (2016, Barranquilla, Colombia) and has recently won the PhotoIreland Festival Portfolio Reviews 2015 and the Grand Prize of Glocal Contest at the 15th Seoul International New Media Festival.

About the Publisher:
Mediabus is a small publishing house based in Seoul, Korea. It was founded in 2007 by independent curators in collaboration with designers. Mediabus publishes zines and books, produces and distributes, organises exhibitions and events, directs workshops, and carries out project or book commissions for companies and institutions.