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Almost Bari copy

Almost Bari
Mara Dani
Self Published


40 pages
210×148 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘The project consists of a systematic /methodical exploration of the city of Bari, in Southern Italy, my hometown, where I have been living for many years.

The aim was to go beyond the domesticated gaze of the city dweller who has become so familiar with a place as to end up by not seeing some often important aspects of it.
A city is an organism that is the result of layers of history, symbols, experiences overlapping one another thus modifying both its physical and relational aspect.
Since its beginnings, photography has always tackled the problem of representing the urban territory and, after photography, so has the cinema. The comparison has always been in some way fruitful for both arts, city and photography, city and cinema, establishing a constant feedback that has allowed architects, town planners and sociologists to improve and sharpen their ability to “read” the territory in view of a better understanding of it also as far as design was concerned.
The present contribution is the result of a necessarily partial point of view, as clearly stated in the title, and follows the path already laid down by other important authors (above all the Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico). It aims at offering further food for thought on one of the places most representative of the modern era, the city.’

Mara Dari has always been fascinated by photography and has practiced it by taking photos during her trips abroad. Recently, after completing her career as a congress organizer first and teacher of English later, she decided to study photography in a more organized and systematic way, working and studying with an author and professional photographer from Bari, her hometown.


Mara Dani – Almost Bari from Matej Sitar on Vimeo.