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Allt Eitthvad Sögulegt

Bára Kristinsdóttir 
Ramskram Gallery

Hardcover, clothbound
includes 4 page, a4 leaflet
107 pages
280 x 195 mm
ISBN 9789935243102

Every item has its own story. The screw, the hook, the worn-down chair— they all have stories. But who’s going to tell them all, and where do the stories go that are never told?

Things that we have around us but hardly ever notice: the hook that we hang our coat on, the aluminum frame for the garbage bags. We barely see them, but still, they have roles, they matter. And someone has made these things, put care and effort into them. The people who make them matter; they have their own stories, too. And someone has to tell the stories of the people who make these things. Because everything seeks balance…

Something is added to our lives when we hear the stories behind the man, the chair, the hook. We even start seeing things around us differently; for instance, we might start thinking about all the people who sat in the worn-down chair. Little by little, we realize that life is everywhere. There is something really comforting in that thought.

About the Artist

born 1960 Reykjavik , Bára Kristinsdóttir  Lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland. She studied photography in Gothenburg Sweden. Kristinsdóttir is founding member of FíSL, The Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association. Bára Kristinsdóttir owns and runs Ramskram gallery dedicated to contemporary photography in Reykjavik Iceland.