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Haus am Gern

Aire de Bellelay
Haus am Gern (Rudolf Steiner & Barbara Meyer Cesta)
Self Published


Part One: 76 pages
Part Two: 144 pages
320×200 mm
ISBN: Not available


This book comes along with a big installation by the same authors in the baroque Abbey of Bellelay. It was not designed as a catalogue of the exhibition, rather as a stand-alone book in two parts: in the first one, Dr. Johannes Binotto (theorist of culture and media, independent author and lecturer) writes about mirrors and total blackness, the second part consists of a photo essay by Haus am Gern. The artist couple made a trip to southern Spain, where they collected 133 photographs loosely connected to the topic of 100% reflection, mirrors, deepest blackness and – last but not least – about serendipity.

Haus am Gern, founded in 2001 by Rudolf Steiner and Barbara Meyer Cesta, publishes books from the catchment area of visual art.