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After the Agreement: Contemporary Photography in Northern Ireland 

After the Agreement: Contemporary Photography in Northern Ireland
Sarah Tuck
Black Dog Publishing

144 pages
200 x 250 mm
ISBN 9781908966919

The book draws on a series of practitioner-led talks by the photographers John Duncan, Mary McIntyre, Malcolm Craig Gilbert, Paul Seawright, Kai Olaf Hesse and David Farrell, providing a discursive space that is part academy, part community activism and part cultural practice.

These were intended to enable an exploration of contemporary photography in analytical proximity to what is going on currently across a range of disciplines: urbanism and the regeneration of the city, curatorial practices, the arts academy, community activism and photographic practice. Through placing contemporary photography in dialogue with other disciplines and the contested histories of the city, the series explored the centrality and complexity of meaning as an intersection of the social, political and aesthetic.

After the Agreement makes public the critical conversations that systematically explore photography as civic negotiation and includes reproductions of a selection of photographs from the participating photographers: Paul Seawright’s Conflicting Account, 2009; John Duncan’s We Were Here, 2006, and Trees From Germany, 2003; Mary McIntyre’s Interior Series, 1998 – 2000; David Farrell’s Innocent Landscapes, 2001, and The Revisits, 2003; and Kai Olaf Hesse’s Topography of the Titantic, 2003.

About the publisher:
Black Dog Publishing specialises in beautifully produced illustrated books with a fresh, eclectic take on contemporary culture. Their aim is to stay true to the founding principles of taking a daring, innovative approach to our titles, maintaining high production values with authoritative content and producing books that challenge, provoke and entertain.