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Acts Of Seeing: Artists, Scientists and the History of the Visual

Acts Of Seeing: Artists, Scientists and the History of the Visual
A volume dedicated to Martin Kemp
Authors: Assimina KaniariMarina WallaceMartin Kemp
Edited by Assimina Kaniari and Marina Wallace
Published by Artakt & Zidane Press

176 pages
155 x 234 mm
ISBN 97809554850-8-4

This book is in homage to Martin Kemp, his special and unconventional ways of looking at the world and speaking about it, his contribution to art history and the history of the visual, his continued engagement with theorists and practitioners, not to mention students of all walks of life across the many years of his academic career.

Acts of seeing is a title coined by Martin Kemp to describe a collection of essays assembled by artists, theorists, historians, engineers and scientists on the theme of structural intuitions a very dear technique in Martin Kemp’s cross cultural comparisons between art and science. The essays and visual contributions dedicated to Martin Kemp in this volume are by some of the scholars and practitioners who have benefited from knowing him and exchanging views with him.

Contributors include: Sir Harry Kroto; Richard Wentworth; Cecil Balmond; Tim O’Riley; Ken Arnold; Claire Farago; Tony Robbin; Susan Derges; Karl Grimes: Kate Whiteford; Paul Williams; Katharine Dowson; Pietro Marani; Katerina Reed-Tsocha; Matthew Landrus; Matt Gatton; Marta De Menezes with a postscript by Martin Kemp.

About the artist:
Assimina Kaniari, Marina Wallace, Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp is professor of the history of art at Oxford University.

About the publisher:
Artakt curates and manages pioneering exhibitions and research led projects at a national and international level in the field of art, science and culture.
At the centre of Artakt is the conviction that art, science and culture individually and, above all, collectively, can and should be communicated as creatively, accurately and widely as possible in a daring and innovative way at the highest visual level.