Abstract Dialogue

By 06/12/2019Photobooks

Rickard Laving
Blackbook Publications

44 pages
210 x 270 mm
ISBN 9789198255546

The book contains abstract photograms made using only light, time and photographic paper. The work circles around time and grief.

About the Artist
Rikard Laving born in 1978, is a self-taught photographer that lives in Nyköping. In 2002 Rikard started working on his first large scale project, documenting the all year camping called Flatenbadet outside Stockholm. After two years at the camping he got in touch with the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen who became his mentor until the project was finished. The photos were published by Journal as the book CARAVAN in the autumn of 2007.

About the Publisher
Blackbook Publications presents self-published artists books made by interesting photographers and artists in Scandinavia since fall 2009.