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a short story
Thomas Boivin
English and French

108 pages
220 x 310mm
ISBN: 9782954270722

A short story by Thomas Boivin from Tipi Bookshop on Vimeo.
“A short story. A love story. A dialogue. Love on the left bank meets Before sunrise. Playful, delightful, sad and heartfelt. Wonderful text and wonderful images work so wonderfully well in the cinematic lay-out.”
– Stefan Vanthuyne

About the Artist:

After studies of drawing and few years spent both as an author and an editor in the world of experimental comics, Boivin shifted his attention towards photography – still with a strong interest in book design and relationship between single images & sequences. His main work is photographing where he lives, the surroundings and people from his district, going from portraits to street photography and documentary, but he also works on more intimate subjects. Boivin has published 3 books: Portrait d’une jeune femme, Marseille/Mer and Foating. He lives and works in Paris, France.

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