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The 4th Daum Prize

The 4th Daum PrizeThe 4th Daum Prize / 다음작가 전
Sung-Soo Koo / 구성수
Se-Jin Kim / 김세진
Sung-Hun Choi / 최승훈
Sun-Min Park / 박선민
Parkgeonhi Foundation

Text by Lee Young June, Park Shin Eui, Kang Su Mi / 이영준, 박신의, 강수


126 pages
220×250 mm
ISBN: 8-991865-01-1


The Daum Prize was established in 2002 as a program to support the creative work of young artists. The program is open to artists who are age 40 or younger, have Korean citizenship, and work with photographic media. Project proposals for new works and portfolios of previous works are evaluated to select one winner. The choesen artist must present his/her works according to the project proposal in an exhibition and a book of works during the following year.

Parkgeonhi Foundation was established in 2001 as a nonprofit art foundation. It contributes to the development of culture and art, and to cultural education for the public for the formation of a creative media environment, through its support of photography and media art production and research activities.