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Fyodor Telkov
Ediciones Anómalas
English and Russian


88 Pages
ISBN 9788461767786


36 views goes back to the renowned series of prints of the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai: 36 views of Mount Fuji. Telkov has captured thirty-six images of the small mining town of Degtyarsk, in the Russian región of Sverdlovsk, at each end of which we find two huge waste heaps. The two mountains of dead rock are visible from all angles, an environmental catastrophe that is the daily horizon for the inhabitants of Degtyarsk. The city grew with copper mining – an activity that left its mark on the landscape – and its consequences. This Project is the winner of the First Fotocanal Photography Book Competition, organized by the Comunidad de Madrid and Ediciones Anómalas.

About the Artist:
Fyodor Telkov
(Russia, 1986) is member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia and lives and Works in Ekaterinburg. He has participated in numerous exhibitions including Photo Biennial Foto Fest 12 (Houston, USA, 2012) Festival di Cortona (Cortona, Italy, 2013), Pingyao International Photography Festival (Pingyao, China, 2013), Young Photo 1/2” See (Sant Petersburg, Russia, 2013) among others.

About the Publisher:
From the books, they like everything. The smell and touch of paper, the typography, the whites, the caressing sound of the pages while turning…  And the only pleasure to close them with the satisfaction of having enjoyed the experiences and moments that are already theirs and that has made them a bit smarter or which have touched the depths that belong to all, although few are capable of making them available to others. Books are a physical delight and a cause of spiritual joy. The two sides of a trade that Ediciones Anómalas feels continuously, with an eagerness to gain the trust of demanding readers.