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25 Weeks Of Winter

25 Weeks Of Winter25 Weeks Of Winter
Ekaterina Anokhina
Peperoni Books

Text by Inga Metreveli


64 pages
100×140 mm
ISBN: 978-3-94182-555-0


It has become a genre. The compilation of seemingly unrelated images meant to be shaped to a story in the eye of the beholder. It seems simple but is in fact a very complicated task. But 25 Weeks of Winter succeeds. With only few very different and wonderfully sequenced images, photographed in black and white or color, indoors and outdoors, abstract and concrete, grainy and out of focus or crystal clear, Ekaterina Anokhina creates a powerful poem about the painful separation of two lovers and makes the symptoms of one of the worst diseases palpable: Longing, desire, despair and affectionate remembrance, agony and loss of appetite, in short – lovesickness. With it’s small size and fragile binding the book has the character of a very personal album.

Ekaterina Anokhina was born in 1983, and lives and works in Moscow.

Peperoni Books is a Berlin based publisher, specialising in photobooks.