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A Place Of One’s Own


A Place Of One’s Own
Hendrik Zeitler

156 pages
13.6 x 11 inches
ISBN: 9197696676

Texts by Ana Betancour, Fredrik Bakkemo, Ola Waage, and Hanna Ohlsson.

This book is about three alternative collective houses in Norway and Sweden: Blitz, Ya Basta and Kvarnis. German born photographer Hendrik Zeitler (b 1975) has written a history that has not been written before. During several years he systematically documented room after room with his camera, and through a quiet viewing he has created a valuable narrative about these places as social movements, alternative cultures and an alternative way of living. The houses in this book not only offer accommodation in single rooms, but also include a common place a room that is open to the public with a solidarity mission where visitors, passers by or homeless can get shelter.