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Deep Light by Marnix Goossens
Deep Light
Marnix Goossens

64 pages
23.3 x 32.5 cm
ISBN: 9789059730427

Deep Light emphasizes Goossens’ photography of the last decade. The selection for the book has been made in close collaboration with the artist. The arrangement of the photos encourages readers to explore the relationships between the different genres represented and the different images themselves.

Marnix Goossens’ work focuses on three main subjects: nature, portraits, and still lifes. Most of his photographs depict scenes from nature. Goossens creates highly-detailed images of trees, plants, and landscapes, he directs his attention to floral beauty, intriguing situations, and nature found in the human habitat. In his portraiture, he experiments with eliciting different personalities from the same person. His aim is not to merely depict his subjects’ physical appearance but to create fictional characters. He uses various objects and items of clothing to bring out his subjects’ desired expressions. His models include not only himself, but also relatives and friends.

In his still lifes, Goossens contrasts functional, everyday objects with other categories of objects and their settings, thus engaging them in new relationships of form and structure.

This publication has been made possible with support of DSM Art Collection, Heerlen.