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Mette Juul
Zeuner Grafisk


Softcover (4 books)
190×140 mm
ISBN: 978-8-79933-190-1


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Mette was educated as a photographer at the Glasgow School of Art and returned to her home in Denmark last year where she has joined Gallery Spark, an artist run gallery in Copenhagen. She is enjoying the experience of working with her own art as well as others’ work.
“My aim as a photographer is to make images that have a meaning without telling too much,” says Mette. “Sometimes the simplest story is the best.”
Mette is currently working on her Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London. She is also having a book published in Denmark, relating to an exhibition she has at Gallery Image in Denmark. This is her third solo show. “I am very excited about it,” she says. “I will be working with slides as well as photography. A lot of my work is about travelling, moving and experiencing: I do that all the time, so my work is continuous.”