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Claudia Jaguaribe

Claudia Jaguaribe
Madalena Publishing House


16-page booklet
14 detached plates
148 x 210 mm
ISBN: Not available


Cactoceaeis a series of photos of cacti that serve as a critique of global warming and the result from the desertification of Brazilian landscape.

Claudia Jaguaribe was born in Rio de Janeiro. She lives and works in São Paulo. Since 1990 she takes part in exhibitions in major museums and galleries, in Brazil and abroad. She holds a degree in Art History, Art and Photography, from Boston University , USA.

Madalena Publishing House is a cultural producer who has photographic creation and diffusion as central themes of work. It was founded in 2002 by photographer Iatã Cannabrava, in which 2012 partnered with the curator and researcher Catalan Claudi Carreras.