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À Propos d’Anders Petersen, A Film About With

JH Engström

À Propos d’Anders Petersen, A Film About With
JH Engström
Éditions de L’oeil


32 pages
140×185 mm
ISBN: 978-2-35137-1497


‘It’s a very straightforward story where I through my camera have followed a person and a photographer I like a lot. It tells about Anders as an artist, but the fact that we know each other well of course colours the film. It became impossible to separate my friend from the artist Anders Petersen’.

Alongside renowned photographer Anders Petersen in his private life and his life as an artist, JH Engström who was his pupil and his assistant before becoming himself a photographer asks here, the emotional turmoil of a life in the day-to-day the doubts of man as those of the photographer … Its position as filmmaker asserts itself in questioning the methods of his mentor, his actions and behaviour full creation. Offering a selection of photographs, the film invites you to discover how to exercise the photographic art Petersen as far as it goes in his artistic development, even in the most intimate or physically degrading situations.

The film offers a wide range of “stills” chosen from Anders Petersen’s enormous production of work through the years. We get to follow how his photography efficiently develops, the further he reaches in his artistic development, into the even more private and physically unrefined.

JH Engström is a photographer and artist based in Stockholm.

Éditions de L’oeil is a French publishing house, dealing in all manner of art books.