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Пotom/After a While

ПOTOM/After a Whileafter_a_while_cover
Natalia Baluta
Self Published


124 pages
220×140 mm
ISBN: Not available


It started as analytic exercise in order to explore and understand similarities between photographic medium and futurology, to apply proven scientific approaches in photography and vice versa. My own life became a material for my research, for almost a year I was exploring, meditating and experimenting with the future and by now it is no longer scientific or magical category to me, I now perceive future as part of my inner self. I am trying to envision the future with help of photography; it is emerging gradually, appearing through the present. Photography helps revealing future from the present, thoroughly gazing into the reality, which is not doable with science or human eye. It seems that future cannot appear in the photograph. However, creating photographs is a broader process than just pressing the shutter. Photograph will not exist without the viewer, it will be empty, as if it is a white sheet, till the moment when the viewer will see it and endue it with the meaning?

Natalia Baluta is a Russian photographer based in Moscow.