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Witty Mag Issue 3Witty Mag #3 Issue
Witty Kiwi


Softcover (Limited edition indigo print of 170 gram paper)
112 pages
150×210 mm


Witty Mag is biannual magazine focusing on independent  photography.

-Portfolio section:
Adam Panczuk; Gianpaolo Arena; Jens Juul; Eugenia Maximova; Vera Laponkina; Christian Fogarolli; Federica Di Giovanni; Dusdin Condren.

-Book review
by Matej Sitar:
Chad Moore; Ruben Brulat

by Eva Maria Kunz & Candy Pilar Godoy:
Nicolò Degiorgis; Alessia Bernardini.

-Dossier section (Identity):

Gabriele Lopez; Tom Ridout; Gerlinde Miesenbock; Veronica Fieiras; Paola Serino; Claudio Cerasoli; Sergio Camplone Alba Zari; Sharon Ritossa; Fabrice Fouillet; Pietro Motisi; Tanya Traboulsi; Isabelle Detournay; Fabrizio Albertini; Gianluca Michletti; Tommaso Parrillo; Piero Percoco; Marta Giaccone; Elise Boularan; Giulia Bianchi; Agnieszka Gotowala; Tomas Quiroga; Mateusz Sarello; Ivan Piano; Nick Arjolas.

Witty Kiwi is an independent publisher founded with the intention to promote photography through photobook, zine and magazine so as to give more to the ideas as well as having a tangible meaning.