The Smart View: Issue 002

By 12/12/2016Magazines

The Smart View 002: Curator’s Choice
Published by Rosa Roth
Edited by Rosa Roth
Printed by Heftwerk


Softcover magazine
160 pages
170mm x 230mm
ISSN: 23647469

“The Smart View is an independent art magazine concentrating on mobile photography and art. Founded in 2014, publisher and editor-in-chief Rosa Roth, is selecting artists from all over the world to feature their work online. As essence of the online curation of photographic and art works found on platforms like Instagram, VSCO and Tumblr, a print edition of the magazine releases biyearly, showing a selection of online features and works collected with an open call, combined with academic texts and interviews.”
from The Smart View website


Featured in Issue 002:
Alexander Ahrens
Ludovic Broquereau
Adrien Brunel 
José Luis Barcia
Krzysztof Candrowicz
Carina Lüschen
Antonio D‘Agostino
Karsten Kronas
Michaela Maier
Brendan Ó‘ Sé 
Iacopo Pasqui
Piero Percoco
Daniel Rubinstein
Joshua Sariñana
Negar Takbiri
Noah Waldeck
Matthew Wylie
Vladimir Zhulanov
Primoz Zorko

About the Editor:
“Rosa Roth, founder and editor-in chief of The Smart View, is a certified graphic designer and studied Photography in Hamburg, Germany. During her studies she focused her research on mobile photography and contemporary photographic advancements.”
Roth’s Website

Book Materials and Specifications:
Medium sized softcover magazine with 160 pages. Short portfolio showcase of 12 photographers.