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ruiné magazin
ruiné 02

Contributors: Andreas Dauerer, Andreas Weber, Andrew Kuykendall, Bea Fremderman, Benedikt Fischer, Dennis Nußbaum, Dominik Müller, Dylan Forsberg, Florian Stucki, Ignacio Lozano, Jonathan Leder, Marko Djurdjevic, Michael J. Demeo, Neven Allgeier, Riikkaa Laakso, The Warlocks, Tim Richardson
Editors: Neven Allgeier, Benedikt Fischer

152 pages
A4, printed offset
Limited & numbered: 650 copies

In our second issue, ruiné deals with the connections between perception, religion and sexuality. the ruiné cosmos is further expanding, its growth nourished by the most different perspectives of international photographers, artists and musicians – from underground to internationally acknowledged – creating an intensive and complex sequel. ruiné is also breaking new ground taking ruiné-speak to the English language.