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Papersafe #01 Part 2

Papersafe #01 Part 2





24 pages
130×200 mm
ISBN: Not available


Papersafe is a Catlabs publication dedicated to analog photography and is printed three times a year. Its goal is to create a current, critical and thought provoking showcase of analog photography from around the world. Each issue will cover a single subject through photographs and thoughtful, relevant texts. It is printed in limited edition formats with each issue’s edition size being less than 100, and is edited by Trevor Powers.

Featuring –
Photographs by:
Aleksey KondratyevBen McNutt, Carl GunhouseChoresh Wald, Elisha BaskinErich DeleeuwIlia YefimovitchJaclyn WrightE. JaneJenna WestraJohn M. O’TooleJon CampoloJuan MadridJustin VisneskyKat SlootskyMarc FalzonMeggan GouldMia Selena D’Avanza, Mohammed AlkouhNathaniel GrannPeter WiklundPhil BergevinRebecca PerrielloShawn GustStacy Renee Morrison, Suzanna ZakTammy MercurePaige Mazurek
Writing by: Stephen Reynolds

CatLabs is a Boston based Darkroom Resources and Jobo service.