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Next Level 22 – Pittsburgh Edition

next level pittsburghNext Level 22 – Pittsburgh Edition
Next Level


120 pages
290×200 mm
ISBN: Not available


Next Level is an exciting art photography publication dedicated to showcase the variety of international contemporary artists and the essential source for cutting-edge contemporary photographic art. The primary aim is to bring awareness and debate to contemporary issues and culture, celebrate the excellence and diversity of contemporary art photography across various disciplines and alongside inspiring, provocative and critical writing. In so doing, place guidance to the role of artists and writers, as a consequence, extending their skills and creativity by supporting activities that assist in their development and engage new audiences.
The editions of Next Level underlines a city theme that is explored by the contributors in collaboration with Next Level to produce a personal interpretation that has a thirst for contemporary art photography and space for infinite creative possibilities.

Claudia Angelmaier
Aaron Blum
Josh Brand
Thorsten Brinkmann
Jessica Eaton
Latoya Ruby Frazier
Jill Freedman
Vanessa German
Anthony Goicolea
Jamie Gruzska
Charles ‘Teenie’ Harris
Lori Hepner
Eileen Lewis
Florian Maier-Aichen
Ayanah Moor
Mark Neville
Ed Panar
John Pena
Martin Prekop
Robert Raczka
Tomoko Sawada
Carrie Schneider
Ivette Spradlin
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Pablo Valbuena
Dylan Vitone

Richard Armstrong
Sheyi Antony Bankale
Nicole Buesing
Emily Butler
Melissa Catanese
Louise Clements
Sue Davies
Amanda Donnan
Neil Harris
Terrance Hayes
Justin Hopper
Leo Hsu
Charlie Humphrey
Heiko Klaas
Kilolo Luckett
Barbara Luderowski
Evan Mirapaul
Michael Olijnyk
Jocelyn Phillips
Renee Piechocki
Rajesh Punj
Mark Sealy
Eric C. Shiner
Sue Steward
Philip Yenawine
Lynn Zelevansky

Next Level magazine was launched in March 2002 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London.