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KLACK Photography & Culture Magazine: Volume 4 Salon Photography


KLACK Photography & Culture Magazine: Volume 4 Salon Photography
Contributors: Ki Wong, Hin Lai, Lin On-yeung, Firenze Lai, Kalen Lee, Alanie Wong, Keith Chiu, Magdelen Wong, Ashley Chan, Mak Fung, Lau Chi-lap, Fong Ming, Tony Yu, Edwin K. Lai, Sylvia Ng, Matthew Kwan, Blues Wong, Dio Wong, John Choy, Vik, Lung Kwan-yee, MissBean, Clement Mak, laikakit (ablackeye), Fanny Cheuk Sui-wai, Mitsu Hana, Cat Ong, hott

164 pages
19 x 23 cm
ISBN: 977-207-76100-0-0

“What is “Salon”? Different people would have a different definition for it. Today in Hong Kong, this term is mostly referred to activities in some photographic societies, including shooting flowers and birds, and even widely thought as shooting activities of beautiful girls with a group of ten or more photographers. People who know about the art history, would reference it back to the French “Salon”, which was a high-class exhibition of artworks. People would choose a room and hang up artworks all over the wall for appreciation. If this is the origin of the term “Salon”, it would be interesting for us to explore the evolution and the misinterpretation of “Salon” from a high-class activity back then to what it stands for in Hong Kong today with its negative connotations of “Lung Yau” (Salon photographers/fanatics), “Da Jeuk” and “Da Nui” (shooting bird and shooting beautiful girls like a hunter). However, the point of talking about Salon is not only about such a stereotyping of the Hong Kong-style photography. On the contrary, it is meaningful because it actually deeply relates to the development of photography and a photographic aesthetic in Hong Kong.”