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Foam # 35 Lust

08_071 COVER_35_Lust-HR-WithShade_TopCarousselPortrait
Foam #35
Foam Magazine

224 Pages
23 x 30 cm
ISBN 9789070516307

Antoine d’Agata
Maxime Ballesteros
Larry Clark
Jacqueline Hassink
Mao Ishikawa
Paul Kooiker & Erik Kessels
Rico & Michael
Martin Stöbich

The summer issue of Foam magazine is all about overwhelming desire, intense eagerness, limitless hedonism and craving for pleasure. In one word: lust!

The original sin still keeps the world turning. And let’s be honest: life would be horribly boring without it.

In all modesty, we think we have succeeded in creating an issue of Foam Magazine that does full justice to the theme ‘Lust’