Foam #34 Dummy

By 15/10/2013April 13th, 2015Magazines
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Foam #34
291 Pages
23 x 30 cm
ISBN 9789070516291
The spring issue of Foam Magazine is not really a magazine. It’s a folder, a box, filled with eight little volumes that are not yet finished books but dummies. Some are very small, others rather bigger – they are proposals, prospects, possibilities. Taking the Unseen Dummy Award 2012 as a starting point, we constructed a special issue aiming to shed a light on the extraordinary creative process behind the making of a photobook. So we turned the magazine itself into a Dummy: a celebration of the photobook-to-be.

Linda Beumer
Yuji Hamada
Oliver Hartung
Arthur Mole
Shinji Otani
Max Pinckers
Mahesh Shantaram
Mirte Slaats