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Extra #15EXTRA_15
FoMu Magazine


96 pages
250×170 mm
ISBN: Not available


Extra 15 focuses on the function of the archive in the world of photography. On the one hand as a source of or addition to an artistic work, the other as inexhaustible but also often unclear source of (historical) information.

Extra 15 is inspired by some projects Broomberg & Chanarin, which can be seen at this time in the FoMu. Broomberg & Chanarin let himself noticed in recent years as fervent “re-users” of archive footage. Archives must be viewed over here, Broomberg & Chanarin used after all, both the AMC (The Archive of Modern Conflict, used for the “Holy Bible”) as random images from the internet (used for “War Primer 2 ‘).

Extra 15 opens with a metaphorical approach to the archive, based on a translation of a text by Bernd Stiegler. The articles by David Campany, Martin Dings, Maureen Magerman, Andrea Stultiens the FoMu-Trustees (Tamara Berghmans, Rein Desle, Joachim Naudts) and librarian (Inneke Daghelet) then throw an archival look at the Stasi archives, the collective anger Aby Warburg, the work of Dirk Braeckman, Ed van der Elsken, Walker Evans, Vivian Maier etc.

FoMu Magazine is produced by Fotomuseum Antwerp, which is a museum of photography in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.