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El Diari Indultat


El Diari Indultat


Softcover (newsprint)
96 pages
390×280 mm
ISBN: Not available



‘The day March 18th, 2016 at 9 am we met about 15 people, including the drafting team and collaborators, to start editing, prepress and layout of the Diari Indultat. After about 21 hours, we go with the arts final way of printing.
At 7:30 in the morning of the 19th, the first plates were already producing in the press. Nearly seven hours later, at 14:10, there was stop machines. Encartados the sheets, cut and packaged, the Diari Indultat was already a reality.
At 18 hours, no pardons 2,000 copies reached the Arrancapins fault where they were placed in our sculpture.
At 00:23 pm on March 20, 10 hours and 13 minutes after exist, Diari Indultat began to disappear in the fire.’

Diari Indultat is a missing art project.
A photobook in newspaper format that was created, edited and burned during the Fallas in Valencia 2016 in a unique and unprecedented event.
More than 50 national reference photographers of different generations, including several National Awards for Photography, and creators from other artistic disciplines.
They created for three days the content of  The Journal Indultat  just before being burned in a failure on March 19, the day of the Cremà .
There were no rules: The authors had total creative freedom.
The publication had a unique and numbered 5,000 copies.
The only way to pardon a copy was buying it before March 19 at 12 pm. It is no longer possible.
The rest disappeared forever in the fire, leaving the Diari Indultat discontinued.
Diari Indultat will never be republished.

The photographers:
Miguel Oriola, Paco Junquera , Pablo Juliá, Miguel Trillo, Joan Fontcuberta, José Manuel Navia, Enrique Algarra, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, Chema Madoz, Pierre Gonnord , Rafael Trobat, Fernando Maquieira, Sofia Moro, David Jimenez, Mikel Ponce, Carlos Spottorno Sergio Belinchón, Paco Gomez, Ricardo Cases, Txema Salvans, Juan Valbuena, Tania Castro, Matias Costa, Laura Martinez Lombardy, Carlos Lujan, Kai Försterling, Juan Millas, Pablo Chacon, Pollobarba, Eduardo Nave, Gustavo German, Antonio M. Xoubanova Roc Herms, Julian Baron Alejandro Marote, Jonah Bel, Iñaki Domingo, Elisa González Miralles, Ivan Navarro, Angelica Dass, Cienojetes, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Rafael Trapiello, Aleix Plademunt, Nicolas Combarro, Lurdes R. Basoli, Gianfranco Tripodo, Bego Anton, Mar Sáez, Dalila Virgolini, Alberto Feijoo, Leila and Laura Amat Carrascosa Vela.

The writers:
Horacio Fernández, Oliva Maria Rubio, Erika Goyarrola and Pilar Almenar.
The contributors:
Juan Valbuena (Graphic editing), Paco Gómez (Campaign crowdfunding), underbau (Graphic Design), Ana Cubas (Illustration), Christopher Delgado (Sculpture), Angela Villaverde (Proofreading), Pilar Almenar (Press), Carlos Benet ( prepress), Lluïso Llorens Garcia and David Linuesa (Making of).
The editors:
Eduardo Nave/NOPHOTO (Coordination), Pablo Chacon/efedePhoto (Coordination and communication), Ivan Navarro/efedePhoto (Production), Pollobarba/fotoDios (Social networks), Julio Cesar Gonzalez/fotoDios (Creativity and design).
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NOPHOTO is a non-conventional visual projects bureau created by photographers as a platform to launch their work, both personal and collective, and also as an engine to generate collective projects, which aim at rethinking the medium itself.
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efedePhoto are a group that is interested in photojournalism and documentary. ‘Our scope is between personal projects and assignments, and this experience is that we try to convey in courses and photography workshops we teach.’
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fotoDios is a Spanish publishing house founded by Pollobarba.