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Dienacht #14

DienachtDienacht #14

126 Pages
15 x 18 cm


Asger Carlsen
Ren Hang
Palíndromo Mészáros
Julia Sonntag
Scott Typaldos
Giuseppe Colarusso
Sfia Brajal


The very new dienacht issue arrived, featuring, among others Asger Carlsen’s “Wrong” series (also the cover story), and more photography by Chinese photographer Ren Hang, by Palíndromo Mészáros, Julia Sonntag, Scott Typaldos, “unlikely” objects by Giuseppe Colarusso, a design Portfolio by Sfia Brajal, photo book reviews, …

There is a also a brand new section: dienacht Short Stories showcases short portfolios by 12 photographers – we wanted you to see even more intriguing works and get more sources of inspiration. They are supposed to encourage the reader to learn more about the particular photographers and works, to visit their websites, to track their work process.