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Beyond – Issue 2

Beyond – Issue 2
Edited and Published by Juliane Herrmann


Newsprint broad-sheet style
48 pages


Beyond is a photography magazine in newspaper format. The idea behind Beyond is to showcase a variety of approaches and to open a discourse about current tendencies in humanistic photography.

Featured contributors include: Anais Perry, Hayley Austin, Johanna-Maria Fritz, Ksenia Kuleshova, Lia Darjes, Luiza Folegatti, Maria Sturm, Sarah Pabst, Sissel Thastum and Snezhana von Buedingen. By focusing on female photographers in this edition, Beyond wants to draw attention to the underrepresentation of women in humanistic photography. Beyond wants to give a positive, constructive example of extraordinary woman and by that open the discourse about woman in humanistic photography.

About the Publisher
Juliane Herrmann is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and publisher based in Cologne, Germany.