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2ha, issue 1, A Stranger In A Strange Land.


Issue 1, A Stranger In A Strange Land.
Michael Hayes

2 (double-sided A2) pages
A2 (folded to A6)
Print process: 5 colour plate press
ISBN: ISSN 2009-6135

2ha is a proposal for a small, independent magazine interested in the suburbs.

We plan to publish on a bimonthly basis, with each issue exploring the notion of the suburb and its relationship to a particular field of study such as photography, history, typology and more. We hope to produce a publication that will offer an analytical, imaginative and engaging approach to understanding some of the places we live in.

Our territory is local.
It’s where we live and work and shop.
It provides the built fabric and daily routine of suburban life.
It offers a cultural landscape worthy of investigation.