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Scopio Magazine – Above Ground: Territory

Scopio Magazine – Above Ground: Territory
Scopio Network


167 pages
160×120 mm
ISBN: Not available
scopion1_33Invited Authors:

Xavier Ribas
Bas Princen
Carlos Lobo
Álvaro Domingues
Duarte Belo
François Penz
Susana Paiva
Bruno Filipe Pires
Andreas Muller- Pohle
Miguel Carneiro
Pelucas Martin
Filip Dujardin
Boaz Aharonovitch
Dara McGrath
João Margalha

Scopio Network is an independent platform intertwining research group CCRE-FAUP, Scopio Editorial Line Collection and Cityscopio Cultural Association. It intends to support diverse forums and editorial initiatives, ideas, projects, competitions and workshops related to our photography research and editorial agendas.