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We Make The Path By Walking

‘We Make The Path By Walking’
Paul Gaffney, Self-Published


78 pages
210 x 160 mm
ISBN 9780992600402

‘Over the past year I have walked over 3,500 kilometres with the aim of creating a body of work which explores the idea of walking as a form of meditation. My intention has been to create a series of quiet, meditative images, which would evoke the experience of being immersed in nature and capture the essence of the journey. The images seek to engage the viewer in this walk, and to communicate a sense of the subtle internal and psychological changes which one may undergo while negotiating the landscape.’


About the Artist
For the past number of years, Paul Gaffney has been investigating different ways of experiencing and representing landscape. His research is focused on developing a meditative approach to landscape photography, and explores how the act of image making can enable and disrupt a sense of connection with one’s surroundings. Drawing on Arnold Berleant’s theory of a ‘participatory approach’ to landscape, in which the artist, environment and viewer are considered to be in continuous dialogue with each other, his practice proposes to communicate an experience of immersion in nature to the viewer. Gaffney holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Ulster in Belfast, and a Diploma in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales, Newport. He is represented by Oliver Sears Gallery (Dublin, Ireland).