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The Road is Not Straight

‘The Road is Not Straight’
David O’ShaughnessyThe Road is Not Straight
Self Published


24 pages
210 x 150 mm
ISBN: Not available


In this booklet, The Road Is Not Straight, is a series of photographs taken on travels in Africa, Asia and Europe. Collectively the images aim to construct a non linear narrative that portrays a sense of isolation in somewhat familiar environments. The image contents are familiar in their make up yet foreign to the photographer. Instead of photographically documenting  a tourist ideal  the photographs concentrate on the  mundane and banal resulting in a  series of memories. These images could all of  been taken in one region thus emphasising the theme which  resonates throughout the pages.


About the Artist
David O’Shaughnessy is an Irish-born photographer, currently residing in London. David’s portrait work has been published internationally and he has exhibited numerous times in London.
He is constantly engaging himself with image-based projects. In 2009 David’s Exhibition, Zoo Logical, was a festival highlight at East London’sPhotomonth festival.