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Paul Gaffney
Published by MM Artbook

Book 1:
48 pages
230 x 305 mm

Book 2:
68 pages
152.5 x 203 mm

Books are magnet-bound together

Walking through the Luxembourgish Ardennes, Gaffney documented his wanderings using polaroids. Later, he re-explored certain routes after nightfall, to photograph under the light of the full moon.

Bathed in its soft otherworldly glow, the forest’s narrow steep valleys evoke a mysterious, psychological wilderness, in what is in reality, a highly managed man-made environment.

Drawn with light that is barely perceptible to the eye, Gaffney’s photographs emerge out of intuition, coincidence, and an underlying longing for connection and stillness. And although it’s tempting to call them landscapes, they are created through different ways of knowing a place – ways that acknowledge the moving, feeling body, rather than the distanced and distancing eye, as the foundation of our experience.” – Eugenie Shinkle

About the Artist
For the past number of years, Paul Gaffney has been investigating different ways of experiencing and representing landscape. His research is focused on developing a meditative approach to landscape photography, and explores how the act of image making can enable and disrupt a sense of connection with one’s surroundings.
Drawing on Arnold Berleant’s theory of a ‘participatory approach’ to landscape, in which the artist, environment and viewer are considered to be in continuous dialogue with each other, his practice proposes to communicate an experience of immersion in nature to the viewer. Gaffney holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Ulster in Belfast, and a Diploma in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales, Newport. He is represented by Oliver Sears Gallery (Dublin, Ireland).

About the Publisher
MM Artbook printing & repro was founded by Marcel Meesters in 2010. Based on many of the principles of 1455 Fine Art printers, of which Marcel was formerly a partner, MM Artbook printing & repro focuses on artbook printing, pursuing the highest production standards, and facilitating the demands of many of the top designers, artists, galleries and curators. MM Artbook printing & repro is defined by exacting standards, attention to detail, and by our close working relationship with our clients. MM Artbook printing & repro have offices in Luxembourg and the Netherlands, making us ideally situated to work with clients across Europe.