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From the North to the Republic

From the North to the Republic copy‘From the North to the Republic’
Valentina Culley-Foster
Self Published


97 pages
290 x 290 mm
ISBN: Not Available


This project explores the city of LondonDerry in Northern Ireland as geographically and metaphorically divided city and paints a portrait of the differences and similarities of its communities, both Unionist and Nationalist, that form it and continues its journey across the old border to scenic County Donegal of the Republic of Ireland. The division is not only an official one through the proximity of the border from Northern Ireland to Ireland, but also a metaphorical one in the mind-set of the people of this town. Hope remains that the city of L’Derry will see the day when one will no longer look back at the Troubles, but instead work together in moving forward towards a brighter future.

About the Artist
Valentina Culley-Foster is a photographer currently based in Berlin, Germany. Culley-Foster’s documentary photography is based on conceptual ideas surrounding contemporary cultural debate. Her imagery explores divided and conflicted spaces that affect national and global identity.