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conor horgan
‘New York City’
Conor Horgan
Portobello Photographic Press


60 Pages
210 x 260 mm
ISBN 9780957504301


“I got lucky. Winter was approaching and a friend’s sister needed someone to look after her place in Little Italy. I had that perfectly portable occupation, the writing of a screenplay, which I might as well do in New York as anywhere else. I knew I’d probably fall in love, and I did. Head over heels.

A few months later I was back in Dublin, a little dazed, wondering if New York has forever ruined me for other cities. I still haven’t quite figured it out.” -Conor Horgan, November 2012

From the foreword by Quentin Fottrell: ‘New York is a city of extremes: the home of freaks and geeks, supermodels and actors, stockbrokers and dancers, hipsters and health fanatics. Is that hazy black-and-white figure Jean Butler in flight at her dance studio? Yes, it is. With so much to offer, it’s a place where you never have to grow old. And, yet, it’s crawling with rats, cockroaches and bed bugs. To live here, it helps to be a little bit crazy. Conor captures this eccentricity with no small amount of affection. The MTA conductor peering out of a subway train looks like an animated Pixar character. He does not seem quite real in his befuddlement. But look closer. He has a sardonic expression suggesting that he knows something – a lot – that we don’t.’


About the Artist
Conor Horgan is an Irish portrait and travel photographer based in Paris and Dublin who travels on assignment for commercial, editorial and private clients. Equally happy on location and in the studio, Horgan enjoys connecting with all kinds of different people from all sorts of backgrounds; whether it be working on a corporate commission or shooting a travel story for a magazine in a distant country. He also works as a screenwriter and film director, and bring these narrative skills to bear when telling stories through stills, motion, the written word or a combination of all three.