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Dragana Jurišić
Dublin City Council Culture Company & Dublin City Council
Text excerpts from the rendering of the residency at 14 Henrietta Street


Semi-Rigid cover
68 Pages
168 x 223mm
ISBN 9780995744653


Renowned poet, Paula Meehan and award-winning photographer, Dragana Jurišić have joined forces to create a book celebrating the history of, and the lives lived in, 14 Henrietta Street. Museum tells the story of the building’s shifting fortunes through 300 years of city life: a journey from its grand Georgian beginnings to the tenement dwellings of its later years. Through people and memory, it aims to deepen understanding of the history of urban life and housing in Ireland.

About the artist
Dragana Jurišić was born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia (then Yugoslavia). Based in Dublin, Jurisic works in photography using “the act of photographing, of looking at the world through the camera lens, to help provide a semblance of control over an otherwise unpredictable world”.
Dragana Jurišić

About the publisher
Established in March 2018, Dublin City Council Culture Company runs cultural initiatives and buildings across the city with, and for, the people of Dublin. Collaborating with citizens, communities, cultural organisations, businesses, and Dublin City Council itself, the company’s work is focused on embedding cultural experiences and increasing cultural participation throughout Dublin’s neighbourhoods.
Dublin City Council Culture Company