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Ricky Adam


56 pages
320 x 240 mm
ISBN 9781527217881


A travelogue narrated through bodily effluent. A motorway journey described in the call and response of the full bladder. A British road movie – Two Lane Blacktop and Wild At Heart reduced to a trail of piss-filled plastic bottles.


About the Artist
Ricky was born in Bangor, Northern Ireland in 1974. Since 1997 he has worked on various photographic projects in Ireland, Europe & America. He was senior photographer / Co. Editor at DIG BMX magazine from 1997-2013. Collections of his work have been published by Cafe Royal, Drago, Damiani, Holy Land Pros & Audit. Ricky’s work is held in Tate/Parr collection, BnF (Bibioteque national de France), Bower Ashton Library & the Australian Centre of Photography. He continues to work on long term projects.


About the Publisher