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Impressions of an Irish Countess – The Photography of Mary Countess of Rosse

Impressions of an Irish Countess – the photography of Mary Countess of Rosse
David H. Davison
Birr Scientific Heritage Foundation

45 pages
250 x 285 mm
ISBN 0948018062

Mary Countess of Rosse – the wife of the 3rd Earl – first exhibited her photos in Birr in 1985. Her cleverly organised groups, together with the brilliant portraits of older people – some of whom certainly started their lives in the eighteenth century – show a human and compassionate eye at work, as well as an inventiveness and mastery of
technique. Looking at these, and seeing the 1860s through her camera, has made many people wonder about the woman behind the lens. It has been discovered, largely due to David Davison’s research, that Mary was indeed a woman of many talents.

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