By 11/07/2014April 30th, 2019Irish, Photobooks

Ken Grant

96 pages
210 x 300 mm
ISBN 9780992748524

Made in cooperation with the regular visitors who returned weekly to a few small sales sheds at the heart of a British market city, Flock by Ken Grant marks the end of a ritual that has been an integral part of the midlands agricultural community of Hereford for centuries. Over the course of five years, Grant – known for his long term documentary projects – returned weekly to the same spaces to photograph. In doing so he has created a tender and sustained appreciation of a community as the last inner city livestock market in Britain makes way for the next chapter in Hereford’s regeneration programme.

About the Artist
Ken Grant was born in Liverpool in 1967. Since the mid 1980’s he has photographed his contemporaries in the city and engaged in sustained projects, both in the region and in wider Europe.