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6 – 9: Notes from the archive of Dan Kane

‘6 – 9: Notes from the archive of Dan Kane.’
Padraig Robinson
Publication Studio Rotterdam

135 pages
215 x 145 mm
ISBN 9789492308108

The writing of artist Padraig Robinson takes the form of essays published in pamphlets, newspapers, books, and films, investigating overlooked aspects of queer history and visual culture. Robinson first encountered the work of photographer Dan Kane in 2009, who from 1985 – 1994 was head of a photographic workshop for the Recreation Division of US Army, Berlin, where he continues to live and work. Having previously studied German Literature, since the mid 1980’s Kane has focused almost entirely on the conventions of the male nude, commenting that his more confrontational work is an exploration of a hidden world of what is ultimately a form of violence, and our complicity in it. 6 – 9 is a portrait of a photographer and the place of his production. Five intense and compact essays weave together historical, literary, philosophical and personal narratives in dialogue with sequences of Kane’s photography. Written from Kane’s pictorial environment, the boundaries of listening and thinking with visual material is a recurring motif in 6 – 9, raising a voice from the silence of a body of work made of many bodies.


About the Artist
Berlin based artist Padraig Robinson (b. 1985) is a 2008 Fine Art Sculpture and Combined Media graduate from Limerick School of Art and Design. In 2011 Robinson will begin postgraduate research at the Dutch Art Institute (NL), funded by the Irish Arts Council. 228 Lashes is a project funded by Kildare County Council 2011, previous awards include an Irish Arts Council Bursary 2009, and a Horwath Bastow Charleton Graduate Travel Bursary 2008. In July 2011 the solo exhibition IDEOLECT was presented at the Centre For Endless Progress, Berlin, previous group and solo projects have been exhibited in Germany, Turkey, Ireland and the USA.


About the Publisher
A Publication Studio is a workplace in which publication happens. Conversations, socialising, and physical labor lead to books that are available in all forms, material and digital. The social life of the book is hosted there. The Studios share books with each other by uploading them (as PDF files) to a book cloud available in common to all Publication Studios. Any Studio can make and sell any book to anyone who wants one. They charge the price set by the Studio that originated a book and agree to give half the profit of that sale to the author. Currently there are eleven active Publication Studio sibling studios, and several more on hiatus or otherwise inactive.