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Zhu Yi! Fotografía actual en China/Chinese Contemporary Photography

Zhu Yi! Fotografía actual en China/Chinese Contemporary Photography
Susana Iturrioz

207 pages
245 x 290 mm
ISBN 9788493571429

This catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name organized and produced jointly by ATRIUM de Alava, the Basque Museum Centre of Contemporary Art and the Exhibition Service of the Barcelona Town Hall in 2007. Presenting 130 works by 33 artists, it aims to draw an “illustrative socio-artistic map” of new China.

“Photographs with carefully considered backdrops charged with symbolic content allow the spectator to explore the many issues that reveal how ancient traditions co-exist – sometimes uneasily – alongside rapid economic and social changes. The artists represented in the exhibition respond creatively to this in a wide range of different ways: some turn nostalgically towards history and the values of the past; others turn their gaze inwards and explore their own identity; others still take an ironic and critical approach to the dramatic changes.” – excerpt from forward

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About the Publisher
Artium is a museum of contemporary art based in the Basque Area of Spain which is dedicated to collecting, conserving, investigating, transmitting and disseminating the artistic and documentary heritage it guards, and to facilitating the generation of experiences and knowledge through mediation between the artistic fact and people. Through the artistic manifestations and cultural activities that it carries out, Artium feeds critical awareness and shows a reality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, and Euskadi as advanced societies, also for their commitment to current art and culture.