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Stan Douglas Hasselblad Award 2016

Hasselblad Award 2016
Stan Douglas

Texts by Stan Douglas, Roxana Maroci, Noam M.Elcott, Dragana Vujanovic, Louise Wolter

110 pages
235 x 273 mm
ISBN 9781910164730


Often people confuse photography with human vision but they’re very different things”, says Stan Douglas, winner of the 2016 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. “[What] happens to our sense of our selves, our sense of time when so much of our knowledge about the world comes through these mechanical media, these inhuman media?” Attending to such questions, The Hasselblad Award 2016, which presents three series entitled Night(2014–15), Corrupt Files (2013) and DCTs (2016), accompanied by two texts, offer intricate meditations on the function, construction and consumption of contemporary forms of photography. From HD cinematic images to abstract manifestations of data, each series probes the relationship between human and mechanical memory, each employing a particular synthetic process supported, if not entirely constructed, by computer software.

Stan Douglas works mostly as a film director. He has the ability to orchestrate large casts, costumes and stage design to revisit historic moments. For more than three decades, photography has played a central part in his practice, and even more so in recent years. The Hasselblad Award exhibition focuses on two types of images Stan Douglas works with; composite images – consisting of many single photographs – and synthetic images – constructed entirely by computer software.

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