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REQEM, by Inger Lise RasmussenREQEM, Walk in the Desert I and II
Inger Lise Rasmussen
Published by The Museum of Ancient Art and Archaeology, Aarhus University

Texts by Rubina Raja and Bo Dahl Hermansen

64 pages
ISBN 978-87-92829-17-7

The first series is from the necropolis Petra in the Jordanian desert. More than 2000 years ago it was the prosperous capital of the Nabataeans and a centre for caravans. It lost importance when the caravans took a short cut and sailed up the Red Sea with the monsoon winds to get to their trade destination at the Mediterranean. – Here the history of Petra-Reqem is used as a metaphor of our time.

About the artist:
Inger Lise Rasmussen trained as a visual artist, more specifically as a graphicist. Her interest in photography has always existed, but it was not until the beginning of the nineties, when it became possible to work with polymer photogravure, that she began to work professionally with it. She is particularly fascinated by big cities. However, these should not be understood simply as specific cities; they should be seen just as much as an interpretation of the conditions in which modern urban man lives.

About the Publisher:
The Museum of Ancient Art and Archaeology, Aarhus University