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This publication contains 21 postcards, one from each student, displaying a sample of each artists’ piece.

Relay Photo 2016 (27.5.2016) is a group exhibition showcasing the work of 21 students from the University of South Wales’ Documentary Photography BA. The collective has been working with diligence, enthusiasm and commitment for the past months on their final projects and we are excited to showcase the work here.


Megan Blackwell
Dan Briston
George Curzon
Jonathan Fisher
Paul Fox
Jessica Hardy
Melissa Hooper
Molly Kempster
Joe Morrissey
Lulu Preece
Lua Ribeira
Simone Sapienza
Harriet Simmons
Dilip Sinha
Robert Smith
Daragh Soden
Fergus Thomas
Rocco Venezia
Luke Webster
Sarah White