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Red Poppy Fields: The Great War Reflected in Contemporary Photography
Curated by Dejan Sluga and Miha Colner
Photon Gallery


123 pages
ISBN 9789619274460


The project of the Poppy Field explores the reasons and consequences of the war, which marks the beginning of the 20th century, and its far-reaching social implications. Participating artists and curators present different views on this turbulent period, drawing parallels between the past and the present, focusing primarily on photographic and video media. The project connects partners from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, that is, from countries that participated in the war mainly as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, nevertheless the participating authors address these phenomena from a broader European perspective.

Participating artists include: Hassan Abdelghani (HR), Anikó Bodor (HU), András Bozsó (HU), Lara Ciarabellini (IT), diSTRUKTURA (SR), Ernst Friedrich (DE), Peter Hebeisen (CH), Svätolpuk Mikyta (SK), Radenko Milak (BiH) & Roman Uranjek (SI), Jonathan Olley (UK), Borut Peterlin (SI), Darije Petković (HR), Martin Piaček (SK), Bonnell Robinson (US), Károly Sándor Áron (HU), Pavel Maria Smejkal (SK), Antal Tarjáni (HU), Vladimír Židlický (CZ).