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Parallel Platform: Rarely Pure, Never Simple

Parallel Platform: Rarely Pure, Never Simple
Published by Parallel Platform


With fold-out poster
44 pages
ISBN 9789899538764


PARALLEL platform brings together 18 creative European organisations committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges and mentorships, in order to set new standards in contemporary photography. Members include museums, galleries, festivals, art schools and publishers, from 16 countries, that will participate in selecting and hosting new artists and curators, organising exhibitions and promoting artistic networking. The large and diverse nature of the network ensures a wide geographical spread and a fertile ground for fostering new dialogues, sparking ideas and helping to boost creativity. PARALLEL is designed and led by and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The exhibition Rarely Pure, Never Simple dealt with uncertainty and ambiguity from different perspectives. The starting point has been to look at ordinary and familiar things with new eyes. The exhibition features four young photographic artists who took part in the international exchange and mentorship programme PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform during its first phase. These artist were Livia Sperandio, Philipp Meuser, Joséphine Desmenez, and Nita Vera, and the exhibition was curated by Maria Faarinen.