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Mois de la photo à Paris 2012

paris photo

Actes Sud
Mois de la photo à Paris 2012
Henry Chapier,
Luigi Ghirri, Richard Mosse, Ilse Bing, Jérôme Brézillon, Paul Graham, Hannah Villiger, Françoise Huguier, Walter Niedermayr, Bertille Bak


416 pages
21 x 24cm
ISBN 978-2-330-01015-7


Since its inception in 1980, the Mois de la Photo has greatly contributed to make Paris one of the great capitals of photography. 
A European House of Photography in as many institutions and collections, both public and private, the 2012 edition will present and discuss, throughout the month of November 2012, more than 50 sets monographic or thematic.